Institute of Christian Education

The Institute succeeds the Keble Seminar which was founded in 2016 and was in abeyance throughout lockdown. During that time it rebranded as the Institute to offer an educational programme of lectures and discussions on aspects of the respective histories and traditions of the churches in the Lewes benefice. Admission is free and open to all. Unless otherwise stated meetings are held in Church House at St Michael’s, commencing at 7.30 with coffee available from 7.00 p.m. They close when the town clock strikes nine.

23 March Arthur Franklin: ‘The Priory in Lewes.’ POSTPONED
Arthur Franklin is a trustee of Lewes Priory and a churchwarden of St Wilfrid Haywards Heath. Following postgraduate studies in medieval and ancient history at the University of Liverpool he taught in secondary, further and higher education and in retirement continues as an active researcher of Cluniac history.

20 April John Twisleton: ‘ Evolution and the Bible.’
Canon Twisleton is a broadcaster, writer, former incumbent of Horsted Keynes and diocesan missioner. He writes, ‘I have chosen the topic of Evolution and the Bible for my 20 April seminar to address three lines: countering the perception that Christianity is mistaken, clarifying the authority of scripture in relation to the church, and affirming the forward dynamic of Christianity which puts evolutionists on the back foot. My 25 min talk will also address the thinking of French priest scientist and mystic Teilhard de Chardin, who taught the evolutionary truth of Christ and learned some of his theology and geology in Sussex.  I look forward to catalysing interactive engagement across a wide field including use of the bible, where authority lies in Christianity, and what Christian faith has to say about the future of the world.`

22 June Ned Binks: ‘William Law.’
William Law 1686-1761 practised as a priest until he could not swear the oath of allegiance to George I. He continued as an oracle in the home of Edward Gibbon as his son’s governor and his wisdom was sought and revered by the Wesley brothers, Byron, Wilberforce and Dr Johnson. Several of his works remain in print and among those for which he is noted is A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. Canon Binks is a member of St Michael’s church and Hon Canon Emeritus of Chester cathedral. He was formerly Principal of Chester College of Higher Education.

27 July Anthony Freeman: ‘Glimpses of the Armenian Orthodox.’
Mr Freeman taught history at Lewes Priory School for many years before becoming a schools inspector and adviser to the government on the National Curriculum. He has long s experience of taking historical and archaeological study groups to various parts of Europe.

October 26 Michele Moatt: ‘Early Cistercian Attitudes Toward Anchoresses.’
Dr Moatt took her research degree on Aelred of Rievaulx at the University of Lancaster and continues to research and write on medieval piety. To be held in St Anne’s church in proximity of the anchorite’s cell.

23 November Nicholas Reade: ‘Reflections on the Anglican liturgy 1950-2020.’
Bishop Nicholas is a former Archdeacon of Lewes and subsequent Bishop of Blackburn.

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